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Contacting Doug

Please Read Before E-mailing Doug:

Because I have this web page, people have taken the opportunity to spend me unsolicited e-mail, better known as SPAM.

One way they get my address is by using web robots that collect address contained in any web link. The main link used for e-mailing people is "mailto". These spam bots look for that tag and then collect the e-mail address attached to that tag. They then send tons of spam to that address.

In an effort to stem the spam and beat the bot, below is a SPECIAL "mailto" link. You click on it as before but it addresses your e-mail as "commentsx7rATDOCKMETdougbergerDOTNET". This address WILL NOT work as is. You must change the address manually in your message to a proper e-mail address. Replace the "ATDOCKMET" with the "@" symbol and change the "DOTNET" with a period '.' and the word 'net'.

If you really want to contact me, you should not have a problem. If you don't make the changes to my address, YOUR message WILL bounce back to you.

Alternatively, you could use my Generic Contact Form to send me a message via the form.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but until I find an effective way to stem all the Spam I get, this is how I wish you to e-mail me.

To E-mail Doug: Read the above instructions and click the link below ---

E-mail Me!Click Here to E-mail Doug

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